Use Cases

Transform your communication tools into an employee experience portal

Collaboration is essential to business operations – it’s why employees spend more time in communications applications than any other systems. Unfortunately, these applications that enable employees to chat cannot ensure that employees are working off the same set of information and processes, leading to inevitable frustrations and project delays.

Ensure employees have the right information everywhere they work

Sapho enables enterprises to build micro apps once and deploy them anywhere employees are collaborating. For today’s modern workforce, this means making micro apps available within email and messengers, or even through new bot and voice interfaces. With Sapho, employees working together in collaboration tools across different channels are delivered the same workflows and information so that they can work together to accomplish their goals.

Allow employees to complete work faster with actionable email

Deliver personalized workflows and information to employees via email and allow them to securely complete tasks, such as approving an SAP purchase order, right from their inbox using Microsoft Outlook’s Actionable Messages.

Keep individuals and teams informed with messenger integration

Provide employees actionable insights, important data, and tasks in their corporate messengers, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, IBM Watson Workspace, and Facebook Workplace, and allow them to complete tasks with a single click to take action even faster.

Deliver quick answers to employees with intelligent bots

Provide employees with a streamlined bot interface, that is connected to underlying systems, where employees can ask questions of the Sapho Bot, such as the status of an invoice, and get a response.

By integrating with Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365, Sapho is contributing to our vision for changing the way employees get work done. Sapho will allow our customers to harness the full value of Teams by surfacing updates and actionable activities from all of their systems of record into a single Teams view. We’re excited to have Sapho help our customers improve their collaboration and productivity.

Brian MacDonald, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Corp