Use Cases

Transform your intranet into a digital hub for employees

Your intranet provides a digital hub for employees, connecting them with the latest business communications and linking them to the complex systems driving business. Unfortunately, traditional intranets cause headaches for employees as they are constantly being redirected to new applications, where they must log into the systems and understand how to navigate each one to complete their work.

Delight employees with a digital portal that makes it easy to complete tasks

Sapho brings together important workflows, information, and insights from multiple systems and delivers them directly to employees in the company intranet. Now, employees can easily submit for PTO, look up a colleague, approve a PO, or view recent communications right from a modernized intranet designed to improve productivity and keep employees engaged at work.

Upgrade your intranet for the modern digital workforce

Add a personalized workfeed and micro apps directly into your corporate intranet, such as Microsoft SharePoint or Adobe Experience, so employees have fast access to the information and systems they need without launching additional applications.

Turn your intranet into a task management hub

Integrate basic workflows, such as PTO submissions and PO approvals, from your legacy, on-premises, and SaaS applications, into your company intranet to enable fast task completion and create more consistent experiences.

Use your existing security to make authentication simple

Leverage your existing intranet login system and securely handoff employee identity information to the embedded micro apps so that employees only need to log in once to access workflows and data from all their systems.