Refocus your executives’ time to high value activities

Executives need the latest and most accurate data to effectively run a business and make informed decisions. Unfortunately, getting this data is rarely easy, and many executives rely on other team members to pull data for them from various business systems. In addition, they are constantly bombarded with hundreds of small tasks, like approvals, that don’t allow them to use their time effectively. As a result, tasks are delayed until the last minute when executives have no choice but to take on the time-consuming task of logging into multiple systems.

Sapho’s modern portal simplifies data access and task completion by providing executives with a personalized workfeed that surfaces the information they need, when they need it. Now, executives have the latest data before they even ask for it and can complete any task, from any system, with a single click — all from one place.

Free up your executives to focus on the business

Sapho’s modern portal puts valuable information directly into executive hands

  • Provide the executive team real time insights and open action items, such as approvals, from all of their systems in a single place

  • Deliver personalized notifications regarding data irregularities, new insights, and actions that need to be completed to improve business decisions

  • Ensure executives always have the most up-to-date information by delivering it to them on any device, intranet, or messenger

  • Customize existing dashboard and proactively deliver them so executives don't have to waste time logging into complex, time-consuming dashboard to search for interesting data

  • Make data more accessible, targeted, and insightful by providing chart and table visualizations that focus on only the business events that matter

  • Allow executives to fine tune their workfeed to only receive the information and activities that will benefit them throughout their day

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Modern Portal Use Cases

  • Service Desk Portal Service Desk Portal

    Deliver better, faster, smarter services to build lasting relationships


  • Human Resources Portal Human Resources Portal

    Unify HR data and workflows to build a better employee experience


  • Onboarding Portal Onboarding Portal

    Make your employee onboarding experience seamless


  • Approvals Portal Approvals Portal

    Take back your admin time and simplify the approvals process


  • Content & Communications Portal Content & Communications Portal

    Keep employees informed about news, events, and policies that matter to them


  • Mobile Portal Mobile Portal

    Fuel mobile productivity with anywhere access to data and tasks


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