Use Cases

A digital enterprise portal for your hourly employees

Hourly employees need access to enterprise applications and company information to do their jobs. However, they typically do not have email accounts nor are they managed on the standard identity system, making access to company resources difficult. As a result, enterprises struggle to ramp up frontline workers quickly to benefit from their seasonal and sometimes limited employment time.

Empower hourly workers with a personalized portal

Sapho provides hourly workers with secure access to the tasks and information that enable them to thrive in their positions. With intuitive self-service access to complex enterprise systems and workforce management solutions, hourly workers can manage their schedules, submit timesheets, access important company information, and complete other work-related tasks with minimal training.

Reduce time to productivity with pre-built micro apps

Enable hourly workers to complete tasks and access data across multiple systems without time-consuming and costly application training using pre-built micro apps for activities, such as time entry, support tickets, and inventory lookups.

Deliver self-service access to common tasks

Simplify work with intuitive self-service capabilities that don’t require multiple logins or navigating hard-to-use legacy systems. Provide hourly workers with a modern interface to view schedules and key reports, or complete tasks like shift management with one click.

Keep disconnected employees up-to-date

Frontline workers do not have company email accounts, but still need to collaborate with other employees and access the latest company updates. With Sapho, deliver rich text broadcast messages with personalized information about important topics that matter most to them.

Simplify security and compliance practices

Most hourly workers are managed on custom identity solutions and have labor rules restricting when they can access work systems. Sapho integrates with custom identity providers to simplify application and data management, and ensures employees only have access to their personalized portal during their shifts.