Unify HR data and workflows to build a better employee experience

HR teams and employees need better access to their HCM systems of record to check personnel information and complete HR activities. Unfortunately, getting a 360-degree view of an employee, including their compensation and performance data, promotion history, and compliance training records can require logging into four different systems. And for employees, who now expect consumer-like experiences from enterprise software, a simple PTO request can involve navigating complex systems and filling out complicated forms.

Sapho makes it easy to access data from multiple systems and complete HR tasks using micro apps — accessible via a modern portal — that surface aggregated views of employee information, provide personalized notifications, and enable quick task completion. With Sapho, employees now have one-click access to the HR information and activities they need to drive changes in the areas that matter most.

Optimize employee experience at every stage

Sapho’s modern portal drives engagement and increases employee productivity

  • Provide HR teams with a single, unified view into employee personal information such as, compensation data, performance data, promotion history, and compliance training records

  • Publicize new training courses to relevant employees using notifications that inform them of a new course and allow them to register with a single click

  • Track severance process using data from payroll, performance, and time management systems to determine payout, and then inform departments to ensure seamless transitions

  • Employees can easily find and update information, such as office location, email, phone number, or even direct manager, from any device, intranet, or messenger

  • Provide employees with an easy way to complete time management requests from a single place without additional system logins

  • Allow employees to monitor their completion of mandatory compliance training, quarterly policy acknowledgements, and optional learning courses with personalized status updates

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Modern Portal Use Cases

  • Service Desk Portal Service Desk Portal

    Deliver better, faster, smarter services to build lasting relationships


  • Executive Portal Executive Portal

    Refocus your executives’ time to high value activities


  • Onboarding Portal Onboarding Portal

    Make your employee onboarding experience seamless


  • Approvals Portal Approvals Portal

    Take back your admin time and simplify the approvals process


  • Content & Communications Portal Content & Communications Portal

    Keep employees informed about news, events, and policies that matter to them


  • Mobile Portal Mobile Portal

    Fuel mobile productivity with anywhere access to data and tasks


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