Use Cases

A digital enterprise portal for managers and executives

Managers and executives need a consolidated view of data and tasks across multiple applications to effectively do their jobs. Unfortunately, getting the data they need is rarely easy and completing tasks often requires multiple different system, workflows, and sets of login credentials. Because of this, decisions are often delayed and important data falls through the cracks.

Help managers and executives work smarter and focus on the business

Sapho consolidates common workflows, such as approvals, into a personalized workfeed that surfaces high-priority tasks and information, right when action is needed. Sapho enables business leaders to be more productive by allowing them to complete any task, from any system, with a single click—all from one place.

Deliver one-click approvals from any system

Speed up common enterprise approvals by delivering actionable tasks from across multiple systems, such as purchase order, expense, and PTO approvals or exception requests, to managers so they can easily see when things are overdue. With one-click task completion, they can instantly complete approvals and prevent business delays.

Push urgent information to managers with notifications

Ensure time-critical actions and tasks are put in the hands of managers immediately with personalized, event-driven notifications. Notifications are delivered to any device, intranet, or messenger and help accelerate common business processes.

Surface important data before managers need to look for it

Save managers time searching for business data across multiple systems. Drive smarter decisions using Sapho’s machine learning features that identify data irregularities, important system updates, and business intelligence and automatically surface insights to relevant managers.

Help managers identify common delays to improve processes

Provide managers with an overview of their team’s tasks to identify bottlenecks and re-assign work as needed. Easy-to-use analytics of employee activities give managers visibility into their teams’ work across multiple systems, enabling them to assess performance and accelerate business processes.