Legacy Modernization

Make existing systems accessible and usable by your employees from any device.

Still have mainframe and green screen terminals? You are not alone. Many large organizations have business critical data and processes stuck in these systems and the cost and complexity to migrate them is too high. However, as new employees come into the organization and the current generation of employees leaves, the number of people that can use these systems is decreasing quickly.

These systems need to be modernized – not replaced – to allow new employees to use them, any employee to complete necessary tasks on them, and all employees to have mobile access to them. The same can be said for more current applications that don’t have easy-to-use mobile interfaces. With Sapho, all of your existing systems and applications can get a facelift to make them accessible and usable by your employee base from anywhere, on any device.

With Sapho, organizations can:

  • Leverage your existing investments in legacy applications and systems by providing a new front-end, user-friendly interface
  • Build micro apps based on these systems so they are accessible by employees on any device
  • Easily connect micro apps to legacy and current systems to unleash data and build new workflows never before possible
  • Prevent the disruption of current business processes that would occur with a system replacement
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