Make your employee onboarding experience seamless

Onboarding a new employee is one of the most important functions for an organization — it starts long before their first day and touches every department. Multiple teams must coordinate to ensure: an offer is sent, all appropriate team members are informed, new equipment is ordered, a desk is in place, and access to existing systems is provisioned.

Sapho allows organizations to create custom workflows that notify all departments of new hires — and the actions required from them — to ensure every step of the onboarding process goes smoothly.

Set new hires up for success

Sapho’s modern portal engages employees from their first day

  • Employees can monitor status, complete activities, and get the information they need for a successful start day in one place

  • Personalized notifications ensure new hires complete all the tasks they need to get done before their first day

  • Reach new employees with the latest tasks, content, and information on any device, intranet, or messenger

  • Build micro apps that notify the appropriate departments about their onboarding tasks and monitors the status and completion each time you onboard a new employee

  • Deliver relevant reading materials and paperwork to new employees so they don’t have to remember where everything is

  • Build micro apps with detailed workflows that provision new employees in various systems automatically (Pentaho Kettle required)

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Modern Portal Use Cases

  • Service Desk Portal Service Desk Portal

    Deliver better, faster, smarter services to build lasting relationships


  • Executive Portal Executive Portal

    Refocus your executives’ time to high value activities


  • Human Resources Portal Human Resources Portal

    Unify HR data and workflows to build a better employee experience


  • Approvals Portal Approvals Portal

    Take back your admin time and simplify the approvals process


  • Content & Communications Portal Content & Communications Portal

    Keep employees informed about news, events, and policies that matter to them


  • Mobile Portal Mobile Portal

    Fuel mobile productivity with anywhere access to data and tasks


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