Proactive business intelligence

Provide employees relevant business data, from all of their systems, wherever they are.

Data is too often locked in systems that employees don’t have access to. Data silos make matters worse as employees don’t have visibility into cross-data trends or events that will impact their business. And without data, employees often make decisions based on assumptions that may or may not be true.

With Sapho, employees receive relevant business data from all of their systems wherever they are. This allows employees to have real time insights into what is going on in their business instead of waiting for someone to send them a report or forcing them to review dashboard and spreadsheet summaries.


Extract KPIs from existing dashboards

Sapho connects directly to the underlying data of dashboards created in business intelligence tools such as Cognos, DataCortex, Microsoft PowerBI, and Tableau. Sapho administrators can specify what portions of existing dashboards are relevant to what employee populations. Employees can then further tailor the particular KPIs they receive to make it relevant to them.

Connect directly to data warehouse summary tables

Sapho can connect directly to summary tables hosted in data warehouses, including Amazon Redshift, Apache Hive, Google BigQuery, Teradata, and Vertica. Now, changes to key business metrics are monitored in real time and employees are notified of any relevant changes.

Tailor notifications and feeds with edge tuning

With Sapho’s edge tuning capabilities, employees can further customize the information they receive — for example, turning off notifications around team vacations or only receiving notifications about a new deal when it exceeds $50,000. This powerful feature lets employees tailor the information they care about as easily as customizing their Facebook feed.

Visualize data in a micro app

While Sapho does not replace dashboards, it does make them more accessible. Once employees engage with a business event, Sapho provides charting and table features to summarize data within a micro app. In addition, when using Microsoft PowerBI as a backend, existing Tiles can be incorporated into Sapho apps.


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