Use Cases

Boost workforce productivity with an employee experience portal

Employees need to access numerous systems to perform basic work tasks, such as PTO requests, help desk requests, and key metric reports. Unfortunately, navigating multiple applications with inconsistent interfaces, workflows, and login credentials is cumbersome. Employees now expect consumer-like experiences at work, but too often enterprise software is frustrating and hinders workforce productivity.

Deliver unified application experiences across enterprise systems

Sapho makes it easy to access data and complete tasks across multiple systems tasks using micro apps. These micro apps surface aggregated views of information, provide personalized notifications, and enable quick task completion. Employees now have one-click access to information and activities, driving employee engagement and productivity in the areas that matter most.

Provide quick and easy employee self-service

Save time and money by providing intuitive self-service capabilities to your workforce. Employees benefit when they have simple interfaces to file IT or facilities tickets, complete time tracking reports, look up a colleague’s contact information, and complete other job-related tasks.

Consolidate high-priority tasks for quick review

Ensure no employee ever misses a deadline with a unified workfeed that includes high-priority tasks, such as compliance training reminders or timesheet requests. Each workfeed is personalized for individual employee needs and available from any device, intranet, or messenger.

Deliver personalized updates for better business results

Stop wasting employees’ time with updates that are irrelevant. Instead, put the right information in their hands when it matters most, such as the latest customer issues, performance against their quotas, or new training opportunities.

Track requests across business systems

With Sapho, an employee can see the status of their submitted requests in order to identify blocked tasks, so they can easily follow up with stakeholders.