Sapho Modern Portal simplifies complex workflows

Provide a workflow management solution that delivers a to-do list right to employees to boost productivity

While daily users of systems, like SAP ERP or Workday, know how to navigate them, most employees avoid using these systems to complete tasks.

This is not unlike an office copy machine: someone knows how to print double-sided, collated, color documents—the rest simply press the green button to make a copy.

Sapho Modern Portal breaks down complicated enterprise systems into simple “micro” workflows.

Transform work into “green button” experiences

Common approvals

Deliver approval requests directly to employees and enable them to take immediate action

Proactive business intelligence

Monitor existing systems for interesting events and notify the appropriate people

Real-time insights

Inform employees when new data, updates, or activities are available based on prior interests

Complex tasks

Break down complicated tasks and activities into one-click workflows for simple completion

Data mashups

Consolidate data from multiple systems so employees don’t lose time searching for information


Alert relevant employees when important events occurs so they don’t get missed

News and information

Send employees the latest company news, policies, changes, or general office information

Customers use our workflow apps in many ways

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